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Hot Pie from Game of Thrones Opened a Bakery

“You Know Nothing John Dough” is the name and who better to open it than the real-life Hot Pie – actor Ben Hawkey from the HBO hit series (and our favorite show on television) Game of Thrones. Hot Pie recently made a rare appearance in the latest episode of GoT doing what he does best, giving Arya Stark the scoop on what’s happening in and around Westeros, while also feeding her (of course).

Now, Hot Pie is feeding Londoners with his new London-based bakery that operates via delivery service Deliveroo. He’s serving up his famous Direwolf loaves which can be ordered for a mere $1.30 each and delivered straight to your door. According to Deliveroo the loaves are made from whole wheat cornbread with orange zest and, per Deliveroo’s instructions, are best served slightly warm with soft butter.

Hawkey insists, “People are always asking me for the secret of my recipe.I can’t share that, but Deliveroo customers will have the chance to try them themselves. You don’t even need to take a dangerous walk down the King’s Road to visit, it comes to you.” Now is your chance London, don’t miss out!

Keep doing your thing Hot Pie, and please try your hardest to stay alive in that harsh, harsh world known as the Seven Kingdoms.

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PlaceSetting Explores a New Type of Pop-up Dinner

Pop-up dinners have become a unique alternative for chefs to showcase their dishes in a more intimate setting – they’ve literally been popping up all over the place! PlaceSetting, however, is out to explore a new type of supper club with a very unique twist.

Courtney Nichols of Disco Dining Club and Chef Gabriel Cappelli (formerly of The Edmon, Saint Martha, & The Dressing Room) are taking an already unique concept and elevated it by holding each event at a private residence in Los Angeles, but here comes the twist. The menu, cocktails and performances will all be inspired by the era and history of said residence. These residences aren’t just your average track home either, with their next pop-up dinner location taking place at a Westdale 1947 mid-century modern located in West LA. This 8-course dinner will be prepared and cooked utilizing appliances that the home provides such as the Crock-Pot you’ll see below in the photos.

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Chef Life America Patch Now Available!

We keep our celebration of America going with the release of our Chef Life America Patch. Needless to say, we love our country even if we don't agree with the leader of the free world at the moment. We won't get to that on here, though. All you need to know is that we stepped up our patch game while also repping our home country. We are super stoked about this, so you should be too and since it has a plastic backing we recommend slapping this on your chef coat, chef hat or chef whatever. Don't miss out on a slew of accessories coming your way pretty soon, so stay tuned!

Don't be unpatriotic and patch yourself up. Doooooo it!

Use Code: PatchUp at checkout for FREE SHIPPING on your patch.

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Michelin Starred Meals Made from Military MRE’s

When a photographer, videographer and chef team-up what do you get?

Military combat rations (MRE’s) turned Michelin starred meals. Most-likely what you weren’t thinking, but by the looks of the photos below, this project turned out to be a success. Experimenting with this food concept of elevating MRE’s into Michelin starred meals are New York chef Chuck George, videographer Jimmy Pham and photographer Henry Hargreaves. What also makes this so unique (besides the fact they’re using MRE’s) is that they actually scoured the markets to find these rations from different military’s around the world. From the USA to Russia, China to Lithuania, it becomes eye-opening when you realize what you’re looking at is a military MRE. Knowing these brave men and women are surviving on this while they’re out in combat, it’s nice to see an elegant twist on this not-so-tasty food.





South Korea


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VICE’s MUNCHIES is Releasing a Hangover Cookbook

When you finally get a night off from the kitchen and you decide to go out drinking until dawn, Munchies: Late-Night Meals from the World’s Best Chefs is definitely the cookbook you want to have on-hand when you get home from the madness. Based on MUNCHIES’ popular Chef’s Night Out series, this book is basically going to save you from the hangover you weren’t seeking. It’s also set to put a spin on the other boring cookbooks you’ve had sitting on your wannabe bookshelf for the past decade (just look at the title) while featuring stories from 65 world renowned chefs. Anthony Bourdain, Dominique Crenn, David Chang and many others will share their best recipes for dodging the after-effects of late-night debauchery. If that doesn’t give you confidence, it’s even written by an award-winning cookbook author JJ Goode who will break it up into different scenarios such as “Drinks,” “Things with Tortillas” and our personal favorite “Morning After.” The cookbook doesn’t officially release until October 2017, however you can pre-order now and be surprised by the goodness later.

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Cubanos from the Movie “Chef”

When Jon Favreau’s Chef finally hit the big screen I don’t think anyone coming out of the theater expected to be craving a Cubano. All-in-all it was actually a good movie – very inspiring. But damn, those Cuban sandwiches are all I can think about ’till this day. Luckily we have Binging with Babish to show us how to make those mouthwatering Cubano’s straight out of the movie. Check the video.


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Black Insomnia Claims Title for World’s Strongest Coffee

Coming straight out of Cape Town, South Africa, Black Insomnia has stepped in to claim the title of world’s strongest coffee over Death Wish. We think that most chefs can agree that busting out a 12 hour shift comes down to having dangerous amounts of caffeine in your system. Packed with 702 mg of caffeine we think this will do the job for you. Not only will it keep you awake all day and all night, but specific efforts made ensure that this coffee is actually enjoyable flavor-wise. It is said to carry a slight walnut flavor with an almost sweet taste profile without having to add sugar. Now if you’re wondering if it’s safe, it is. But if you’re not a frequent caffeine drinker, this might be something you want to build up your tolerance for.

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Photos of a Chef Wearing His Ingredients

Amsterdam Chef Robbie Postma and photographer Robert Harrison teamed up to take the meaning of food photography to a whole new level. Sure, chef’s taking pictures and showcasing their masterful dishes has more than found it’s niche on Instagram, but this is way different than anything we’ve ever seen before. They’ve basically created a menu with the likes of your favorite entree’s, however this isn’t being served on a plate, but rather a face. Yes, a face. Capturing the tensions built and released in the kitchen the goal of this photo shoot according to Chef Postma was to,

“capture the love and attention that goes into creating a good menu, we avoided any digital intervention. Every ingredient has been attached manually, no Photoshop, handcrafted with every attention to detail. Just like in a good kitchen.”

The photos are definitely something to look at due to the amount of time and attention to detail put into creating this concept. Check some of our favorite photos below or head over to for a full look and some behind the scenes shots.

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Cal-Mil Bamboo Induction Cooker

Being a chef you’ll find that induction cookers will always have their pros and cons of cooking. When we came across the Cal-Mil Bamboo Induction Cooker we have to admit we were quite impressed. Keeping it’s aesthetic clean and modern we love that this is not just a big hunk of metal just sitting all by it’s lonesome. It adds another stylish touch (aside from your Chef Life gear) to your cooking or food display while also taking up minimal space. It runs off a standard electrical outlet, has a control panel that allows you to adjust the temperature and the most important part of it all is that it cook’s food quickly! Last minute pop-ups rejoice!


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Los Angeles Welcomes Los Pollos Hermanos from ‘Breaking Bad’

While many of us are still loathing the Breaking Bad series ending for good, we should feel lucky that Better Call Saul has filled the gaping hole in our television binge watching and our reason to make a fucking delicious Sunday night meal. On March 29 and 30 from noon to 10 p.m. Los Pollos Hermanos will be popping up in Downtown Los Angeles at 1345 E. 6th Street; just a block away from the Arts District.  They recently popped up at SXSW in Austin, Texas with a full menu from the show, but for some reason they were only selling curly fries, water and dipping sauces. They’ll hopefully be serving up more of their menu (hopefully chicken), but it’s not a guarantee. I guess we’ll have to show up to find out! This of course is all in play for the premier of Season 3 ‘s Better Call Saul which premiers April 10 on AMC.

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