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A Rare Interview With In-N-Out Heiress Lynsi Snyder

All of us on the west coast know that In-N-Out kills the game here on our side of the country. Seriously, it never fails to boggle my mind to see that their drive-thru line runs out onto the street (every hour of everyday) causing a cluster f*ck of problems for the people trying to get to the Taco Bell next door (all two of them). But, these cluster-f*ck causing people have a valid reason. In-N-Out is the bombest fast-food burger chain out here on the West Coast. Founded 60+ years ago, their following has amassed some of the biggest burger fiends you can find out in the world today. This cult-like following is what makes In-N-Out so pivotal to the privately owned, non-chain fast-food joints out there. They’re valued at well over 1 billion dollars and they offer their employees great benefits, while managers can make up to a six-figure salary. Doesn’t sound like a bad deal at all. Of course, they don’t have professional chef’s manning the skillet and deep fryers, but they do have an impressive “assembly line” type-of-way of pumping out their burgers and fries with some of the freshest ingredients (for a fast food chain).

Another thing about In-N-Out is that the company and it’s founders are very reclusive about the way they run their business. In a rare interview conducted by CBS’s Ben Tracy,  heiress and President of In-N-Out, Lynsi Snyder, reveals some of the burger joint’s deepest secrets. If you’re an In-N-Out fan, or should I say fiend, this interview is a must watch. Check the full interview above.

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