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Anthony Bourdaine Is Releasing Another Cookbook After 12 Years

Anthony Bourdain Cookbook

Every chef and cook loves a little Anthony Bourdaine in their life, right? If you haven’t had time to watch the latest season of his CNN TV Show Parts Unknown, there’s probably no need to worry (there will be reruns). However, we think you do need to get your hands on his brand new cookbook Appetites set for an October 25, 2016 release date. This is actually his first cookbook since his 2004 Les Halles Cookbook which makes it even more special – that’s 12 years of no cookbooks from Mr. Bad Ass himself! We are guessing it’s all the traveling he’s been doing?

Appetites is intended as his own take on the home-cooking, home-entertaining books you see stacked on bookstore shelves. Since it focuses so much on what Bourdain likes, we think that this might be the gold piece you’ve been wanting to add to your collection. To top it off, the artwork is pretty damn dope too!

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