Chef Life Clothing is looking to get to the back of the house!

If you're a chef located in the Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Diego County, Riverside County and surrounding areas, we would love to setup a time and date to come visit your restaurant, pop-up restaurant, or food event to chill, cook, eat, have some fun and create some very awesome content in the process. Get your name, your food and your passion for cooking out into the world! See our FAQ for more info.

Fill out the form below and we'll get back to you with all of the details in order to make this happen.

barbara jean los angeles


Who is ChefSpot for?

ChefSpot is for chefs, cooks, restaurant owners, entrepreneurs and others alike looking to get some exposure in the world of cooking and food. 

Where does ChefSpot take place?

ChefSpot takes place at your restaurant, pop-up restaurant, food event or anything that fits the mold of #ChefLife.

Why would I want to fill out the form?

It's simple. We travel to you, bring everything we need to make it happen and from there give you the exposure that you so much deserve.

What if I live outside of the mentioned cities/counties?

This is not a problem. We will set something up in order to improvise for the miles between us. However, if we can be there physically we will do the best in our power to make it happen. 

Where will this so-called content end up?

Everything will be posted on our website and social media channels when it's ready. ChefSpot will have it's very own weekly segment in our blog and it will be glorious!

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