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New Releases: Culinary Tendencies Snapback and 2 Knives Crew Strapback

Our recent drop consists of a snapback cap and a brand new strapback A.K.A dad hat. We also restocked our classic t-shirt – the one that started it all – Chef Script. There’s a lot more in the works around the Chef Life kitchen so keep your eyes peeled and your knives sharp.

Culinary Tendencies Snapback

Culinary Tendencies snapback pays homage to the punk rock streets of Venice Beach, California. Color coordinated to fit the lifestyle of so many growing up around the immediate area, it was only right to respect it. Our newest snapback hat is available in Light Grey or Dark Navy.

2 Knives Crew Strapback

You’re used to seeing snapback and fitted hats around the shop, but due to several requests from our fellow chefs and lovely customers, we introduce the 2 Knives Crew Strapback hat. Also known to many as a ‘dad hat,’ it contains an adjustable strap and a lower profile look on the dome. Perfect for the chef running errands on their day off…oh wait…we don’t get those!


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