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Dinner Lab Is Like A Pop-Up Shop For Dinner

Concepts can come and go if they’re never executed, however, this isn’t the case with Dinner Lab. Hailing from New Orleans, LA, they’ve executed their concept and they’re doing it pretty damn well. Just like our article title states, Dinner Lab is pretty much a pop-up shop, but for dinner, so I guess you can also call it a pop-up restaurant! Available in almost every major city in America, 30+ cities to be exact, Dinner Lab hosts a dinner within a unique space in the city while only existing for 24 hours. Not only does it offer a unique experience, but the chefs involved come from some of the world’s best restaurants which in-turn makes your dinner experience one of the best you can get. Not only can you be the person eating, but upcoming chefs can create a profile and submit a menu via Dinner Lab’s website. Once submitted, you’ll work with Dinner Lab’s team to refine your menu then execute it by working side-by-side with front and back house teams to bring the menu to life. Feedback will be received from diners on taste, creativity and presentation, and if all goes well they’ll invite you on the road to execute and perfect your menu in different cities. If you’re chef, our suggestion is you gather some of your best menu’s, submit them to dinner lab and let your cooking do the talking. Let them know you’re all about the #ChefLife

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