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Drought-Friendly Tacos Made By Wes Avila

Drought stricken California can affect how crops are grown and how accessible our food becomes. Little did you know that over half of our water usage goes to growing crops to feed cattle, pork etc. What do we do with those animals? Well, we eat them (most of us)! Drought-friendly eating is a new term going around that caught the attention of KPCC Southern California Public Radio, so they created a series imagining what California and it’s agriculture would look like in the year 2040. “Eating drought-friendly may one day be as common as eating organic or locally sourced foods,”states KPCC’s Sanden Totten. That can be a lot to soak in at once, so KPCC decided Wes Avila of Guerrilla Tacos was the perfect person to demonstrate what drought-friendly eating is all about. Avila whipped up a meatless taco with a variety of drought-friendly crops utilizing sweet potatoes to form a tortilla, while filling it with roasted veggies like Indian eggplant, guajillo chiles, peas, scallions, and Roma tomatoes. It actually doesn’t sound bad at all. Drought-friendly eating could become a trending topic in the very near future, just like organic and sustainable eating has boomed over the past five years, I think we might have a little hint of what’s to come.

If you’d like to hop on the bandwagon early (which we suggest), go to the KPCC website to cop Avila’s original recipe and check some of the cool photos from the meet-up.

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All Photos: Maya Sugarman/KPCC

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