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Farm One is the Indoor Farm of the Future

In an urban environment far away from an acre of grow-able land sits an indoor farm in the middle of Manhattan called Farm One. A project that started April 2016 inside of the Institute of Culinary Education in Downtown Manhattan, has now turned into a full-fledged indoor farm. Over 150 crop varieties have been grown there to date and now they’re selling their crops to New York City’s finest chefs.

Focused on numerous factors, rarity of a plant being one of them, Farm One scours the globe to find rare seeds and edible plants in unlikely places, but in the end they promise to always stay local and true to their NYC roots. Farm One also utilizes the latest technology to their advantage. By controlling the environment around them; using LED lighting, hydroponics, climate control and more. They can improve plant flavor, texture and color. Basically innovating the plants that we eat.

Of course they grow without pesticides, pollution, soil contamination, herbicides, manure. And you can always count on the freshest herbs – never frozen, never waiting in cold storage. Always fresh!

If you’d like to get on Farm One’s level, and are in the NYC area, they offer hydroponic and indoor farming classes for a small fee. But if you want to skip out on the classes and just check out an amazing indoor farm in the heart of New York City, then you can also book a tour. You’ll be able to taste rare herbs and get some insight into an indoor farm in Manhattan. I know I’ll be booking a tour the next time I’m in NYC.

Recently we blogged about the Click & Grow Smart Farm and how it would be a great investment for a chef who own’s their own restaurant. We have to admit Farm One is making us rethink that. They’re making it so easy for chefs to buy fresh grown crops in the heart of New York City, that it would be foolish for a chef not to utilize their services.



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