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Fines Herbes Now Available in the Shop

Fines Herbes

What a wonderful 4/20 we had this year. Half of Chef Life was in Cancun, Mexico while the other half held it down at the Los Angeles headquarters. What made it even more special is that we dropped our highly anticipated tee – Fines Herbes. French Cuisine chefs are all too familiar with Fines Herbes in the kitchen, but if you know us, then you know we had to add our own little twist to it.

According to Wikipedia (don’t hate) fines herbes is described as “an important combination of herbs that form a mainstay in French cuisine. The fines herbes of French cuisine consist of finely chopped parsley, chives, tarragon and chervil.” We decided to stick with the original herbs (as you can see on the t-shirt). But with cannabis cooking culture on the rise (actual cannabis cuisine not just weed brownies) we went ahead and added Cannabis to the mix.

Cooks in a fine dining setting should be all too familiar with how these finely chopped herbes are used. Ever heard of an Omelette aux fines herbes? This is probably the most popular dish cooked up using the four traditional herbs. Chervil is actually really hard to come by in America, so chefs will usually substitute it with basil or another type of herb they see fit for the dish.

We welcome a new age of cooking being driven by a cannabis culture of chefs who are not only reshaping the way we consume weed, but who are also changing the mainstream view of cannabis at the same damn time.

If you’ve been looking for a five-star cannabis meal, check out The Herbal Chef, or if baked goods more to your liking check out Mindy Segal.

Oh yeah, and if you want buy our t-shirt you can do that HERE!


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