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Fuego Box is a Hot Sauce Lovers Dream

Salsa, hot sauce and just about any type of sauce with a kick has literally inspired me to live. Okay, maybe not that far, but some of them have taken my taste buds to a whole new level. Fuego Box is basically targeting people like me for their inspiring taste in hot sauce by offering a subscription box of hot sauces delivered straight to their door on a monthly basis. No, these aren’t just any hot sauces you find at your popular supermarket chains. They’re craft and small batch hot sauces that are just now emerging from the hot sauce Gods. One of the things I appreciate about Fuego Box is their “focus on flavor over ‘ass-burning’ heat.” The kick is always nice, but the flavor is what really makes a hot sauce great. If you’re ready to take on the heat (literally) then we suggest signing up for at least one bottle a month to start. Once your palette tastes all of the glory you can move your way up to their “Sauce Addict” box to receive 3 hot sauces a month.


fuego box

hot sauce subscription box

fuego box hot sauce subscription

fuego box

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