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Hinoki S1 Gyuto Chef’s Knife Dubbed the World’s Finest Kitchen Knife

Hinoki: The World’s Finest Japanese Knives just dropped the Hinoki S1 Gyuto Chef’s Knife. One look at this knife and you can just tell it’s a beauty.

Crafted by third generation Master bladesmith in the ancient centre of Japanese bladesmithing – Sakai, Osaka – the precision used to craft this knife comes in 131 individual production steps to be personalized to the owners aesthetic taste.

Aside from being precisely crafted, the Hinoki S1 Gyuto Chef’s Knife is made from the purest form of carbon, White Steel #1. According to Hinoki this is the closest material to tamahagane, the steel originally used to craft Japanese swords. The White Steel #1 is completely hand-forged to form the knife’s beautiful Black Carbon 1 Blade.

One of the many details we’re digging on this handcrafted chef knife is the beautiful wood handle. This enormous detail is hand-carved and finished off with rounded edges that make the knife sit comfortably in your hand and ergonomic-friendly. Making the decision slightly more tough, there are three different, but equally beautiful options to choose from. Shou Sugi Charred Walnut, Solid American Walnut or Silky European Oak. Each with their own unique background stories. Honestly, I’d get all three if I could!

We can see why Hinoki claims the name of World’s Finest Japanese Knives. The precision, craft and aesthetic put into these knives is next level and we couldn’t be more impressed.

Purchase the Hinoki S1 Gyuto Chef’s Knife now, but you’ll most-likely have to wait a little while to get it.

Hinoki S1 Gyuto Chef's Knife


Shou Sugi Charred Walnut


Solid American Walnut


Silky European Oak

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