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Keep x Alvin Cailan Non-Slip Gourmand Kitchen Shoes

Non-slip shoes in a commercial kitchen are probably the main reason you’re still alive and well as a chef. True cooks know exactly what a kitchen floor can do to your mind, body and soul. Keep Company, makers of vegan footwear, teamed up with Chef Alvin Cailan – owner and founder of Los Angeles’ EggSlut – to drop the Shaheen Gourmand kitchen shoe. Tested by real chefs and real kitchen crews, this midtop shoe features a non-slip rubber sole and a synthetic nubuck upper that is both water and oil resistant. Obviously a must when working in the most grueling kitchens.

Comfort is the most important factor for any chef shoe. Your whole day consists of standing, moving, standing, moving, stand…well, you get the point.Wearing the incorrect shoes in the kitchen will make you feel helpless. They’ll also make you feel like your feet are going to fall off by the end of your shift. Custom insoles in this water resistant shoe provide extra heel and arch support while offering extra ankle support with a two-hole lace up. Factor all of this in and you have just the right shoe for the kitchen.

As an added bonus for purchasing Keep Company, you’ll sleep a little better at night knowing their shoes are cruelty-free and consciously produced in factories audited by international, third parties who monitor ethical working conditions. It’s a win-win for everyone.

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