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Knives & Ink: Chefs and the Stories Behind Their Tattoos

chef tattoo book

For some odd reason we just found out about Knives & Ink: Chefs and the Stories Behind Their Tattoosbut that isn’t stopping us from doing a little write up on it. We are thrilled that someone actually took the time to curate a book about chefs and the tattoos that grace their bodies. Not only because its bad ass, but mostly because chef tattoos have played (and still play) a huge roll in the inspiration for Chef Life Clothing.

Written by Isaac Fitzgerald and Wendy MacNaughton, Knives & Ink takes you on a journey through various types of kitchens and the great chefs who occupy them. Knives & Ink contains the tattoos of more than sixty-five chefs from all walks of life and every kind of kitchen, including 2014 James Beard Award-winner Jamie Bissonnette, Alaska-fishing-boat cook Mandy Lamb, Toro Bravo’s John Gorham, and many more.

Accompanying the beautiful body art are the stories behind them which makes Knives & Ink that much more intriguing. Although neither of the authors are chefs, we respect the fact that they are fascinated by what chefs do and how they represent it.


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