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Photos of a Chef Wearing His Ingredients

robbie postma

Amsterdam Chef Robbie Postma and photographer Robert Harrison teamed up to take the meaning of food photography to a whole new level. Sure, chef’s taking pictures and showcasing their masterful dishes has more than found it’s niche on Instagram, but this is way different than anything we’ve ever seen before. They’ve basically created a menu with the likes of your favorite entree’s, however this isn’t being served on a plate, but rather a face. Yes, a face. Capturing the tensions built and released in the kitchen the goal of this photo shoot according to Chef Postma was to,

“capture the love and attention that goes into creating a good menu, we avoided any digital intervention. Every ingredient has been attached manually, no Photoshop, handcrafted with every attention to detail. Just like in a good kitchen.”

The photos are definitely something to look at due to the amount of time and attention to detail put into creating this concept. Check some of our favorite photos below or head over to for a full look and some behind the scenes shots.

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