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Skid Is Making the First Wooden Chef Knife

wood chefs knife

Some of you have to hide the fact that you can’t cook by using cool and hip looking kitchen tools; we aren’t hating, but practice makes perfect! If you fall into to that “can’t cook, but I have cool cooking tools” category then the Skid Wooden Chef Knife should be at the top of your Christmas List. If you CAN cook and like to look good while you’re doing it, then this is also for you. Made with 97% wood for the handle and body while using 3% alloyed carbon steel for the blade, Skid uses a unique design and production method to create something never seen before.

Not only are you going to look good while chopping up those veggies with your wooden chef knife, but you can also feel good about your contribution to saving our environment. Skid is planting trees for the production of their knives and is even using the off-cut for packaging and holding systems. If that isn’t intriguing then the Robinia wood should be. The wood of choice has a very high percentage of tannin which is the stuff that kills bacteria and gives wood the ability of self-cleaning. This means you only need warm water to clean your knife! Not to mention its durable, sustainable and really bad-ass! Fund this exciting Kickstarter project HERE.







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