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Street Food Received It’s First Michelin Star

michelin star street food

You don’t think “street food” when you hear a restaurant acheived a Michelin Star. Michelin Stars, or a Michelin Star for that matter is not an easy feat to come by within the world of cooking food. While most of us would think that eating at any Michelin Star restaurant is going to set our budget back a few weeks, this isn’t the case with the newest member of the Michelin Star family. Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle of Singapore’s largest open-air food court just achieved this with a meal that costs less than $4.00! Yes, FOUR DOLLARS!

Chef Chan Hon Meng is the man and chef behind this now famous street food stall which practically garnered fame overnight after finding it’s way into the famed Michelin Star Guide (if you get the chance to swing by Chan’s hawker stall, prepare to stand in line for hours) – HOURS!

Check out the video to get a better insight into Chan Hon Meng and his $4 Michelin Starred street food.


via The Guardian

Photos: Roslan Rahman/AFP/Getty Images

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