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The Food Lab: Better Home Cooking Through Science

Chefs and home-cookers alike, step up your cooking game a few notches by learning the science of cooking using  The Food Lab book. Exploring popular American dishes, the newly released book packs all of the food science you need within its bindings as author J. Kenji Lopez-Alt delves into the interactions between heat, energy and molecules that create the best tasting food. There are hundreds of easy-to-make recipes to get your food science skills up to par along with 1,000 full-color images that show you what a recipe should look like using a scientific approach from beginning to end – he even has a page dedicated the anatomy of a knife! Check out J. Kenji’s website for more pictures and you can also order the book directly through his website.

We recommend you take a look a the photos on his website, you’ll thank us later.







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